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Executive Coaching

My Experience, Your Success

When working one-on-one with clients, my coaching philosophy is the same as for any other project: Success is a science. I specialize in breaking down complicated real-life situations and helping people create concrete action steps to accomplish their unique goals.

Often, although not exclusively, I work with clients who are stepping into new leadership roles or struggling with underperforming teams. Whether the goal is salesforce development or the evolution of a marketing or sales department, I share my experience and insight into strategy, negotiations and motivation to create healthy pathways forward.

All of my experience as a salesperson, marketing creative and consultant to management teams, from start-ups to $300 million companies, has given me unique insight into how teams function at all levels. Call it karma or paying it forward — working with individuals on their priorities, their professional development and their personal success is personally rewarding to me. When my clients succeed, I succeed.

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