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Showroom Development

National Rollout + Rebranding

When Brown Jordan redesigned their showroom experience across the country (in Boston, Chicago, High Point, Miami and San Francisco), I became an integral part of their team. The project coincided with a company-wide rebranding, and I was brought in to manage the new showroom rollout and layer the new physical elements of the Brown Jordan brand into existing spaces.

Working closely with Brown Jordan’s corporate marketing team, their design firm and contractor, I oversaw the installation of key brand elements like: the Craftsmanship Lounge highlighting construction details and product options, the Window into the Good Life and its portal-ed entrance, a blue glass wall for signage and raised platforms to elevate their product into museum-like displays — among other initiatives. Through my coordination and project management, construction on all six showrooms was completed under budget and on time for critical trade show and market dates.


Brown Jordan